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Bringing science to life...


Here are some of our favourite articles:-

The Scotsman - ‘Science is what we are, and it’s a fascinating subject for artwork’

An entire issue of The Biochemist dedicated to Art and Science - ‘Reaction painting: finding art in science’

ScienceLive - 'Unravelling mysteries of our Miraculous Brains!’

British Neuroscience Association – ‘Bringing science to life through art’ (Issue 52)

BBC Radio 4 'Midweek'

Lablit - 'Painting for life' interview

British Medical Journal - 'Powerful paintings: encouraging future doctors through art’

The Guardian - 'But is it science?'

BBC Devon - 'The Art of the Brain'

Journal of Biological Education – ‘DNA writing paper an educational aid in ‘A’ Level biology’

School Science Review – ‘DNA fingerprinting: a detective story’


Journal Covers - artwork by Dr Lizzie Burns has featured on the covers of a large number of publications including Advances in Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation, The Biochemist, British Neuroscience Association Bulletin, Drug Discovery Today, The EMBO Journal, Chromosoma, The Neuropharmacology Journal, Trends in the Biochemical Sciences and a popular science book: ‘The Art of Genes’. More unusual commissions have included creating a kidney mousemat for a Nephrology Journal...