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Bringing science to life...

Science to life is directed by Dr Lizzie Burns who graduated with a doctorate in molecular cell biology from the University of Oxford in 2002. Since then Lizzie has spent the last five years on communications, art and educational projects to convey the excitement of science.  ‘Science to life’ brings together science, art and education expertise into one organisation with links to other science communicators.

Dr Lizzie Burns has always combined a deep and active interest in science, art and teaching. She gained a doctorate from the Department of Biochemistry at Oxford University followed by a 3-year research Fellowship before becoming a full-time artist working for the Medical Research Council.  She has created a large collection of paintings inspired by biomedical research funded by the MRC.  The resulting artwork has been exhibited in the UK and internationally at the invitation of the British Council. She has received a large number of commissions from Universities, Institutions, Companies and individuals. She is currently working on a commission for GlaxoSmithKline. Click here to view more examples in the Gallery.

Public engagement work: Lizzie has used her unique background in science, art and teaching to develop a wide variety of workshops to inspire children and adults about the biomedical sciences. She has collaborated with scientists to find new ways to communicate their subject and convey their passion for science.  During the past 3 years Lizzie has single-handedly run workshops in schools and for science festivals involving over 20,000 people.

Lizzie has received grants from Committee for Public Understanding of Science and commissions from The British Museum to work on educational projects.  She has run three adult events at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre and for Antennae.  She has run outreach projects for science festivals including the BA Festival of Science, the Cheltenham Science Festival and the Cambridge Science Festival.  She has been invited to speak on ‘Creativity and Science’ and has written papers for the School Science Review and the Journal for Biological Education.  In addition, Lizzie has written a science-inspired play 'Autodestruct: the ultimate cure for cancer' which was performed at the Edinburgh Festival and for an ethics course in the University of Oxford. 

Publications: Her work using art to engage the public with science and as the Chief Scientific Consultant for Hollywood Math and Science Film Consulting has featured on BBC Radio 4’s Midweek and in the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the Times, The Scotsman, the British Medical Journal and newspapers and radio programmes around the world.   Click here to view publications.



Science in films – Chief Scientific Consultant for Hollywood Math and Science Film Consulting

Science in theatre Autodestruct: the ultimate cure for cancer - a play by Dr Lizzie Burns

Science and comedy Science consultant for comedian Mark Stevenson

Medicine and art – Artist for medical students taking part in the Performing Medicine programme

‘Bringing medicine to life’ - A project encouraging patients with bone cancer to express their experiences through art.  This is on permanent display in the Wellcome Trust ‘Medicine Now’ Gallery.