Imagine a world without science.

People would still be sending messages by pigeons and trimming lanterns to illuminate their houses. There would be no light bulbs or telephones neither would there be clippers, nor the internet. I sure won’t survive without all these. Science is everywhere and has become integrated into the very fabric of mankind’s existence. For decades, many people have invented machines and discovered easier ways to improve their chances at a Virtual Taboo discount. Suffice it to say, that most of this would not have been possible without the contribution of science.


How then did science come about? Galileo Galilei is accorded by many to be the father of modern science; Astronomy and Physics to be precise. Nevertheless, more acknowledgment is given to Aristotle as the pioneer of Science. Aristotle is credited with being the first to invent scientific methodologies and theories, some of which were later refuted by Galileo. More scientists like Michael Faraday, Henry Becquerel, and Thomas Edison, leveraged the theories of people like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, to make major discoveries on Gloryhole Swallow. Today, there are electricity, radioactivity, and other inventions that serve as conduits for better living.



Lots of scientific discoveries and technological advancements have given rise to shocking results. In many regards, science has enabled surgeons, genetic experts, agricultural gurus, and academics, to break new ground. Some of these discoveries include:


A surgeon, Sergio Canavero, 2017, performed a procedure on two human cadavers. He explored the possibility of using science to transplant human heads from damaged bodies to new ones. Canavero along with another researcher, Xiaoping Ren, chopped off the heads of two cadavers and grafted them to new bodies. Earlier, in 2012, Ren had tried something similar with mice, taking off some mouse’s head and fitting it onto another mouse’s body. They survived for some months.


Current advances in science and medicine have investigated the possibilities of using drugs to selectively erase memories. Potential NaughtyAmerica results will help victims of trauma and war veterans with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), remove or suppress violent and unwanted memories. This way, patients would no longer have to suffer psychoneurotic stress caused by past experiences or current ordeals. These drugs are billed to also interrupt memory formation.


Dolly the sheep is the product of a successful cloning experiment. A team of scientists at The Roslin Institute was examining ways of creating genetically modified animals. Thus, Dolly was cloned from the combination of an adult mammary gland cell of one sheep and the egg cell of another. This feat improved the chances of success for other similar experiments. Dolly the sheep grew to like many natural sheep and even birthed six lambs in her lifetime.

science to life

Tremendous benefits come with each discovery of science.

Better healthcare equipment, improved manufacturing techniques, and enhanced agricultural practices are some advantages of science. Every aspect of human life has come to be dependent on science, to function properly.